Friday, July 9, 2010

OT: B.S Sports Media Coverage

Unlike the old days, players now are different. They worry too much about the media and how they are portrayed. They are too politically correct now and care too much about what will be said about them. I remember Tiger Woods a few months back and his transgressions. Again, not related to the game he plays, but still with the media coverage. We should not care too much about these things and watch them on the sport they play in. They are not role models. You watch them to be inspired to play the game and to be entertained. It’s not their job to teach our kids how to act. It’s the parents’ job. Of course, I don’t condone what he or what Kobe did before. But still, it’s already outside of the game and their personal lives. So I just don’t care about that aspect.

When Tiger Woods scheduled that press conference, I was wishing for him to say a couple of words. “I F’d up. Now let’s play some golf.” That’s it. End of story. But he did it with the most scripted, too carefully planned “I’m sorry” speech. What are you sorry for? For being too good and having no mercy that guys just can’t beat you? For being a billionaire? That is just not right. If he’s in the government, I would understand these apologetic speeches. But he plays sports for crying out loud. I will blame the media, especially ESPN for these things. I’m just hoping that this change and have my sports be sports, and not focused on the player’s professional lives. Let these guys live and just entertain us. That’s why they get paid a ton of money. To play and have all of us jealous of their skills and riches. Not teach our kids family values and proper conduct. That is our job, the parents. That’s my piece and I’m sticking with it. Don’t hate me.


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