Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After Christmas Sale Shopping

My husband and I decided to go shopping today at Deer Park, NY outlet. For some reason, I so wanted to buy booties. I think it's because when I went to Bergdorf Goodman last week, I tried on this bootie ad I fell in love with it. I forgot what designer it was but they're gray color and it has like a knot on the side. I should've taken a picture. The only problem is the sale price was 231 before tax. Original price was 550 and it was 40% off. Can't really afford to spend that much money since we're going back home to my country, Philippines, on April for my bros wedding and we're also planning to go to Disney out in Hong Kong. So far, I'm still searching for one. Anyway, we first went to Banana Republic. Entire store is additional 50% off. Of course I headed to the clearance section. I bought 6 tops priced from 3.99 - 10.49. What a bargain! They also had nice shoes but no size for me. I only spent $45 for everything. :)Then we went to Nine West and checked out some boots. Boots were on sale from $29.99 - $79.99. They had nice ones but didn't really like it that much. We also went to Off 5th Saks. They had Kate Spade Riley rain boots and they were gorgeous. There were only a few pairs left and the one on display was my size but unfortunately they couldn't find the other pair. I was really dissappointed because I really want them and it will only cost me around $40. Oh well!

Here's a pic of the Kate Spade Riley Rain Boots

Here the pics of the shirts I bought from Banana Republic

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jimmy Choo from H&M

I finally got a pair of Jimmy Choo flats from H&M. They're black with silver studded like balls. For $69.95, can't go wrong with that. After all, they're still Jimmy Choo's!