Friday, November 20, 2009

Much Awaited Nokia N900

I found out about the Nokia N900 from hubby around end of September. He told me he wanted it after I already bought the Nokia N97 for his birthday which he didn't know at that time. Since I already bought him the phone, I said maybe I should buy this for my birthday. Rumors had it that the release of the N900 was early October. Around end of September(if I remember it correctly), announced that they are taking preorders and they go $649. I know it's a lot of money but hey it's a tablet and a phone in one. Of course, I didn't think twice and preordered the phone right away. I was hoping that it would arrive before my birthday which was last week of October. Delays after delays, it was so frustating. A month passed by and still no phone.
Then a week after Thanksgiving, I read at forum that the Nokia Flagship Store in New York are calling and telling the people who preordered from their store(which of course I did!) That the phones are available and ready for pickup. Since I already waited for a long time, I decided to give them a call and pretended that I missed their call. The lady asked for my name and phone number to check. She told me she didn't call my cell yet but since I was already on the phone she can take my credit card and pick up anytime. I was jumping for joy! I gave her everything she needed and in about 10 mins I was at their store. She didn't even get a chance to process my order! That's how fast I got there. The price was only $569, $80 less than online. Needless to say I cancelled the one online. Happy Thanksgiving!! hehe


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